If you have ever wanted to build your personal brand and gain massive influence online, Read this.

The year is ending.

I could remember vividly in 2017 around this time,

My Facebook group was barely a month old with 15k members already,

The previous month had been a very tight and hard period for me,

I was trying to figure out my target audience, mastering the Facebook organic algorithm, engaging my audience with content and so much more was on ground.

I had already written on my vision board, i was going to create a market (community) and become my chosen niche celebrity first before ever coming up with a product.

I have been doing it all wrong – year in year out, and i was ready to build a solid online business once and for all.

I know nothing beats having a target audience on a specific niche.

It gives you more edge and credibility to sell comfortable without much conviction and talk since your audience already knows you and are familiar with your brand.

Here’s What I Mean In an Elaborate Way:

Take for example in the Digital Marketing Industry,

We have Steve Harris as a sale Consultant/Coach,

He charges way higher than most sales consultant and still yet, he never runs out of client, year in year out.

We have several other consultants who charges lower than him and can deliver as well but business owners and individuals would rather work with Steve Harris than others.


He has already positioned himself as a celebrity in the sales consultant/coaching niche.

I don’t even have to think twice before his name came to my head when using the sales consultant niche as an example.

Who Would You Rather Work With In The Nigerian Blogging Industry?

Linda Ikeji, right?


She’s a celebrity in that niche and even if she charges you higher than other bloggers for the same project, you would still find a way to pay her and work with her.

That’s what I am talking about here.

Why do you think music producers prefer working with “Clarence Peters” to shoot their music video?

Not like other music video producers can’t deliver the same quality, the name “Clarence Peters” has become a household name in the music video production industry and everyone wants to work with him regardless of his fee and terms.

Clarence Peter is a niche celebrity. So he will always have the upper hand.

Likewise You also, you will always have the upper hand if your positioning is outstanding regardless of your niche.

Even if you are an Event Manager, Thought Leader, Musician, Artist, Writer, Digital Marketer, Fashion Designer or a Caterer.

Funke Buknor of sapphire event charges higher than your Local Event manager because of her celebrity influence.


This “My fellow freedom fighter” is the way to go in 2019.

If you want to see and experience dramatic growth in every aspect of your life (financially and otherwise), you need to start growing your influence in your chosen niche.

This was exactly how I built my community in a year.

Everything i did worked perfectly because it’s a “PRINCIPLE”

If you follow this same principle you would definitely have something you can not only be proud of but thankful enough for the year 2019.

2019 is a year of massive action and personal brand growth.

Just Like I said in one of my previous post

“Its Takes You A Maximum Period Of 6 Months To Become A Celebrity On Your Chosen Niche Online”.

The only problem is:

HOW DO YOU START? The part no one freely talks about except me.

Here’s How To Start:

Step 1: PICK / IDENTIFY YOUR NICHE – Could be your passion niche or not.

Step 2: CHOOSE YOUR ONLINE PLATFORM (Facebook Group is the best for beginners)





Step 7: REPEAT STEP 4 TO 5 FOR 3 to 6 MONTHS


P.S: If you are not ready for 2019, please leave the road for people who are ready.

I leave you with your thoughts.

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