How I grew a facebook group to 300k members in 6 months.



How I grew a Facebook group to 300k members in 6 months.



First post here I think 🤔.

So recently, last year November I started a group on Facebook.

My aim was to sell an e-book I already wrote so I wanted to do it the organic way by becoming an influencer first before bringing up the product.

You know how they say it, “Market before Product”

So the idea was to source for market first before product.

I realized the best way to do that is to become an authority or an influencer in that market. You really don’t have to start competing with the people there before, since you will be serving the same audience, just pick another interest and go deep on it.

E.g Don’t be an influencer or an authority in fashion niche, be a shoe influencer. Don’t be a guru in digital marketing be a master in YouTube videos.

You get the point.

The first step I took was to go really deep on a niche that serves same audience to avoid much competition and all.

If you’re thinking of starting a Facebook group or you already own one and it’s not working the way you want it, look straight at the objective and see if it’s too broad, then make amendment.

Another thing I did when I wanted to start this group was to create an “Avatar”. This one is a secret but it’s OK.

If you haven’t started your group yet, you might want to take a look at your personal profile and see if it’s align with what you want to start branding yourself as an expert on. For me on this aspect, my profile is a no go area, so creating an AVATAR PROFILE WAS THE best option for me. But if your profile is cool for this, you don’t need to create an avatar or a pseudonym.

The next thing I did was to start looking for my audience, where they hang out on Facebook and spend time on facebook.

E. G let’s say I picked the digital marketing niche and my deep niche was YouTube, i.e want to brand myself as a master in Growing YouTube Channels my best place to look for people who will listen to me will be on smartbcamp, sell Your brain society, CBS group and any other strong community that have your lookalike audience.

pick Just two or three and focus on them.

Then the next thing I did was to start letting them know I really know what am doing, I started sharing valuable content that can help them immediately, I reply to messages and questions immediately.

I post daily on the groups I picked and I show up on my timeline twice or three times a day. I created a routine for my daily posts and I send friend request to everyone who comments,liked or reacts on my post in the groups I chose. They accept immediately without looking back thereby giving me more room to network and share more with them on their timeline.

I did this regularly and in two months I already reached the 5000 friends max on facebook. This friends are all target audience who likes me for what I share, no family member what so ever, so it was all business.

They look up to my daily post and all.

I was just giving and giving till they now saw me as an expert and the number one person to seek advise from based on what I have been sharing.

So when I got to this stage, I ran back to my strategy board and looked at it.

Next is to open a group and add all of them. This was the second month.

So I told them about the group and hyped it they loved it and in the first day we had 1k plus members because they were adding their friends as well.

So I started shifting from the personal account to the group until the group picked it self up automatically.

Though allot of work was done and mastering how Facebook organic algorithms work was job.

For example before I created this post, I first went through the first five posts I saw here, I loved them and dropped a comment. Why did I do it? because I want you to see this post. So many other tips and tricks that I used before I make a post so my audience can see them.

So as time went By, the work reduced drastically, post where coming up from members, rules where set and everyone was in line.

Now selling to this people was like rice and beans with fish. Just say it is all I needed.

I showed my boss the group (Ronald Nzimora) he alone and his teams knows the group cuz its not something you can just open up since I used a pseudonym(not advisable anyway).

We partned and came up with a product for them. Then at this point with the crazy engagement per post, I started charging for post advert.

The monitization and every other benefits that comes with having a power facebook group is something you should think about and start yours today.

All you need is patient and follow the rules I applied.

It will pay off mostly when you become an influencer like me in the other live 😂.

Today is my Birthday and my very first post here I think.

Sorry this post is too long, already prepared a slide for this to do a video with it, but I was robbed just few days ago. Ordered for a new laptop, yet to come.

So just save the post and take your time to read.

Ask your questions and all.

P. S: the first screenshot was the group in November last year with 15k member then the second screenshot was the group last week with 314k members. The third photo was me earlier this month at Ronald Nzimora Office consulting for his team on their facebook group project.

P.P.S: You can get my award winning program on how to grow a profitable Facebook Group from scratch here


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